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Varkn is a mobile app that connects airport passengers struggling with airport parking to our fleet of on-demand valet drivers and affordable parking facilities using our valet hailing mobile app. Our users are frequent travelers, business and professional travelers, families, or passengers who have a hard time finding parking at airports.


We understand the frustration and hassles that comes with planning a trip and eventually having to drive down to the airport to catch a flight and you are unable to find parking spots easily.

A lot of travelers tend to miss their flights either because they ran into traffic, or they  could not find a parking spot, or the shuttle that was supposed to take them to the airport from the parking lot did not arrive on time.

This is a problem that we believe that a well developed technological innovation such as VARKN can help solve. Our goal is to create a stress-free, time and cost saving travel experience for all travelers especially in the area or car parking.

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