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Ready to stop Parkn' and start Varkn' ?

Parking at the airport is an entire ordeal! Why do you have to do it yourself? Connect with a driver today and start getting your car valet parked for you from the terminal.


Varkn App & Varkn Driver App

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About Us

Varkn is a valet hailing mobile app that connects airport travelers with vetted valet drivers that will park their cars for them from the terminal.


We are also a platform that provides a contactless, cashless and ticketless type of valet parking at hotels, restaurants, bars and other venue that supports valet parking.

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Market Segment



While we understand how tedious airport parking can be especially when traveling with family, our Varkn app connects airport travelers with valet drivers right at the terminal and the drivers will do the parking for them.


Hospitality &

Apart from airport parking, venues such as hotels, restaurants, bars, casinos, hospitals and shopping malls now have valet drivers that will do the parking for customers. Most valet stands issue tickets and resort to requesting for credit cards from customers when making payment. Our platform is ticketless and it allows for an easy workflow of parking and payment for both valet drivers and customers. Any valet stand can be onboarded on the platform within 24hrs of contact.

Bar, Restaurant, Hotel, Hospital, Casino, Shopping Mall? Request for a demo below!

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Available across USA.

What Our Clients Say

Really flawless Varkn dropoff today with a special VIP touch from Gbenga himself! The email with the photos of the car parked at the parking facility were a good touch in communications and creating trust!


My husband and I went to NYC this weekend. Did a trial with Varkn and he was waiting for us to drop off our car at the airport and when we landed today, it was already waiting for us outside at the south terminal. Everything went super smooth, he sent pictures of the car parked,

we had a 15 min delay before flying out and he was so gracious with us. Cheaper than getting an Uber, cheaper than parking at the nearby parking spaces and the feeling of knowing our car was going to be there was amazing!


Drop off was flawless, timely and terrific with excellent communication.


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